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Covid Dashboard Project

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Measures of the covid risk and status in counties, states and the US, along with history and maps.

Measures include: spread rate, acceleration of the spread, estimate of how "hot" a locale is (current spreaders per 100 population), death rate in population, death rate on "sick" cases, counts, and more. Risk maps (Hot, death rate in population etc), and a full page on death rates by age. Finally, the dashboard includes simple projection tracks of cases and deaths into the near future, that change over time based on the effectiveness of our collective behaviors in slowing the spread.

This dashboard is unique in that it estimates a comparable "sick" case count, that is comparable to the cases reported at the beginning, which were basically the clinically sick. This comparable count is used to present consistent measures and allows for meaningful coherent period to period comparisons.

The reason for transforming the case counts is that reported case counts have a large portion that is random, based on intensity of testing. Testing varies over time and place. This part of the case count is not based on a characteristic of the virus and is a large part of the case count number, thus it is almost useless for measurement or comparisons. This dashboard attempts to correct for the randomness so to present information that is reasonably consistent and comparable.

The dashboard is best viewed on desktop screen.

Hope you will find it useful.

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