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Covid Dashboard Project

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Measures of the covid risk and status in counties, states and the US, along with history and maps.

This dashboard is unique in that it estimates a comparable "sick" case count, that is designed to be comparable to the cases reported at the beginning, which were basically the clinically sick. The number of clinical sick is a virus characteristic so is good comparable count and allows for somewhat more meaningful, coherent, period to period comparisons than using the raw reported case count.

The reason for transforming the case count is that a large portion of the reported number is random and varies based on intensity of testing. This dashboard attempts to correct for the randomness so to present information that is reasonable, consistent and comparable.

Please look past this not looking like a polished pro web-site, I am just learning. Also, I tend to put a lot of info in a small space. It may look overwhleming at first, but after a few times looking, you may notice some interesting information that is available at glance without havng to click a lot;).

Hope the information is useful to you!

Note, the dashboard is best viewed on desktop screen.

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