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Covid-19 USA Dashboard: maps, graphs, and risk measures of Covid for country, states and county. Tables and graphs showing trends over time.
Projection Tracks (model estimate if we keep doing what we are doing as measured at start of track) EOQ == End of Quarter

The projection uses the rate of change of the active pool and the current death rate from the standardized case count as measured on the start date of each projection track. The death rate is applied to the projected cases. The two dashed lines show what the projection tracks were 7 and 14 days ago. The 14 day line actually has several periods of projection going back 14 days each. The projection starts with actual values then uses simple mathematical model from there assuming no change in behavior, thus no change in the odds of infection except for effect of herd immunuity, which is simulated over time.

The death projection is based on cases and deaths will be reported in the future (see Days2death constant in About>Terminology. Currently 14 in this model).

This measure is not intended as prediction but more to show the past track and be something sensitive and responsive to changes in our collective behavior near-term that affects the virus spread/containment. This way maybe we can have feedback on the effects of what we are doing or not doing, and to earlier see adverse change in our state or county that may require more social distancing diligence, rather than waiting for deaths to get attention.

Covid Dashboard

Welcome to the Covid Dashboard site.

Here you will find various measures and information put together based on current and recent changes in daily numbers including:

  • Overall measures of the virus for the United States as a whole over the last 90 days
  • Measures and assessments for the US over the last 3 weeks
  • Measures and assessments for each state over the last 3 weeks
  • Risk Maps showing one's personal risk in going out and about. The maps show all the counties in the US, with pop ups with more information on current and prior 3 weeks of status.
    • Hot: shows an estimate of the current active (not quarantined) infection per population
    • DeathRisk: show current annualized death rate per 100K population.
      This is current death count annualized so to be comparable with published yearly deaths by various causes.
  • Measures and assessments of each county.
    These can be found by hovering over the county in the "Risk Maps". Or, in table form under "Counties"
  • "Counties" has more detailed county level statistics for your personal information and use.

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Wondering about current risk?:

  • Vaccination status is primary factor in determining risk at this point. If fully vaccinated, there seems to be little risk getting the virus and very little to no risk having a severe outcome if one does.
  • For the unvaccinated, age and health are factors. For some stats by age see Graphs>...age
  • For estimate of level of circulating infection by county: see RiskMaps>Hot
  • Numbers and other info by county, state: see Counties

CDC Deciding to go out, has link to guidance for fully vaccinated people and if you are not vaccinated, a link to find a vaccine.

Important Note/Disclaimer: This website was built from an informed layman viewpoint. It is not advice. It uses mathematical calculations, ballpark models and estimates to present coherent numbers over time in a meaningful way and to show current local status and relative progress, or not... Although, the measures and models may be only "in the ballpark" in absolute terms, it is good showing near-term relative change.