Better / Worse

# Counties Better or Worse from 3 weeks ago
Recenty Worse (dashed line) is number of counties that have been worse for only a week.
# Counties by Risk Level

Hdrate: # counties with high death rate per 100k population (dflg = P) or unusually high deaths/cases (dflg=H or J). Latter may indicate nursing home outbreak(s). See About>Terminology for description of dflg field.

% Population at Risk of Outbreak

LLow: Risk is low and was low for 3 weeks prior.
Death risk based on annualized death rate/100k (% Population)

In 2017 there were 864 deaths per 100K population
Heart and cancer deaths were each about 200 per 100k
Accidents 52 per 100K

Graph shows additional risk due to Covid:

  1. high is > 832. Basically risk of death is more than double normal.
  2. elevated > 208. Covid is highest cause of death.
  3. slightly elevated > 104. One of the highest causes of death
  4. > 52 is greater than accident. More risk than normal. Maybe think of level of risk on order of driving in unfamiliar place at night. It is a risk and because a little elevated, extra attention needed. Be alert and actively steer clear of the riskier situations and/or take appropriate protection measures.
  5. less than accident. Everyday risk. Maybe think of as driving, still needs attention and care to stay out harm's way.