Is vaccine perfect protection? No. Does it help reduce infection and death significantly? YES.
CDC data/graphs by vaccination status : Infection and Death Rates and Hospitalization Rates
NBC News : Omicron breakthru stats in NY

Mandates be damned - Yes I agree!! Nonetheless... Why might you consider getting the vaccine anyway?

For those with no immunity (not had virus nor vaccine), what about staying out of hospital and staying alive when you do get it... See CDC link above.
More and more not a question of "if" you might get it, but when... COVID's endgame: Scientists have a clue about where SARS-CoV-2 is headed
Vaccine scare stories got you hesitant? Put the scare back into its place with the numbers Vaccine Adverse Events v. Covid "Adverse Events"

Note, many states are now only reporting weekly. This site smooths weekly data and will be updated Tuesdays and Fridays (or more often) for data thru day prior.5
Other data notes1,2,3,4 Hospital counts6 7 (MD #s)

Covid-19 USA Dashboard: maps, graphs, and risk measures of Covid for country, states and county. Tables and graphs showing trends over time. bysam4us

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