Vaccine scare stories got you hesitant? Maybe put into context with the numbers Vaccine Adverse Events v. Covid

10/12/21 After April 2020 reported cases became misleading due to non-clinical (namely, not driven by virus severity) counts from testing being included. This site switched to hospitalizations. See About>CalulationsNotes>Sick. It has been uncovered recently that the CDC has also (!) allowed hospitalization counts to become ruined for modelling for same reason.... See The Atlantic article: "Our Most Reliable Pandemic Number Is Losing Meaning".This site now uses the factor of .52 in the The Altantic article against the hospital numbers to estimate hospitalizations due to covid, versus having Covid being incidental to going into hospital.

Note, many states are now only reporting weekly. This site smooths weekly data and will be updated Tuesdays and Fridays (or more often) for data thru day prior.4
Other data notes1,2,3

Covid-19 USA Dashboard: maps, graphs, and risk measures of Covid for country, states and county. Tables and graphs showing trends over time. bysam4us

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